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AGES Gaming first post: summary of posts from website.


11-4-07:  I submitted some of my written works to various individuals.  Hopefully, this pans out.  I also want to state that you will probably hear little from me for the next months (papers are due at that time:)

11-1-07:  I sold some more copies of Divine Homelands and Divinity.  It always feel good when this happens, especially when it is for a little heard of PDF only project.  I hired an artist to finish up with the pictures for Fifteen Faces.  I will be releasing that in late 2007 or very early 2008.  After that, I work on the re-release of Divinity.  As far as homelife, things are still the same (which is a good thing).

10-24-07:  I understated a lot on 10-18-07.  Divine Homelands will be released on 10-25-07.  I made it smaller than intended because I wanted try some new ideas.  In addition, it should aid promotion a bit.  It is a 20-page guide which lists some considerations for making realms.  It uses a point-buy system.  It won't hold you by the hand but it will create a handy framework for writing up other dimensions.

10-18-07: I went through and edited Fifteen Faces one more time.  I got the obvious stuff out but I let one of my friends go through it again.  I started another project called Divine Homeland.  It is a sourcebook for players in Divinity to make their own realm.  Each place will offer them advantages when they are present.  Each power group will have a role in creating it.  i.e.  Their Spatial power determines how easy it is to get into their place and their Sensory powers will give them the ability to spy on their own realm a bit easier.

10-15-07:  I posted at and asked for some initial playtest and review help with Fifteen Faces and Cursed Life.  We'll see if they respond.  On other gaming ideas, I had posted a pool on some forums asking them if they knew the people on the forum or if they strangers who just talked about RPGs.  Overwhelmingly, they knew at least some of the people on the forum.  What does that mean?  I'll have to ponder that for awhile.

9-30-07:  I am putting stats on NPCs for Cursed Life and I am trying to wrap up Fifteen Faces so that I can get some people to give me input before doing a (hopefully) last edit.  I also added a new page for reviews given out on AGES Gaming products.

9-24-07:  I still have the same number of pages but I ripped a lot of stuff out and re-did it.  Things are going well on that front.  I wanted to thank the people at and for helping me out.  Now, back to work...

9-21-07:  I already have 60 pages done for my new game, Cursed Life.  It is set in the modern era and the players have been changed into supernatural creatures.  The reasons depends on the GM and the players.  Some of them could be the following:

1. spiritual warfare (demon inhabits body and you have to battle for your soul at all times).

2. genetics (the "transformation" is a disease which alters the genetic structure of humans in different, something like resident evil's T-virus except you maintain intelligence and not all victims can spread it. In addition, most humans do not change their form.)

3. aliens (you were never truly human, each entry in the book is a different aliens species that just happens to conform to some of Earth's legends).

4. magic
(either someone has worked an awesome ritual spell to alter dimensional laws or the right time, alignment of planets, etc has naturally changed certain people.)

5. Combination of factors: It's different factors at work with each other. The GM can decide on this. (This option is include for completeness).

9-13-07:  I delete all of the items for '06 listed on here.  Here is periodic disclaimer stating I keep only few months of log activity on here.  It's a revolving log so to speak.  I am still working on a couple of games along with finishing up Fifteen Faces (title might get changed).  One of them is in the supernatural genre.  The players are transformed into different creatures of the night and have to fight for their survival.  I mixed some different games into and added my own thoughts as well.  Another one is set in another dimension where humans are enslaved by the world itself.  They are emotionless beings who can be freed by the players or enslaved to their wishes.  In the future, I would like to put out a book of realms for Divinity along with a "quick idea generator."  Beyond that, I will see where the sales will takes us.  Of course, the most valuable asset is time...too much to do and so little time to do it in.

7-30-07:  It's been a long two months since I have been able to get on here due to sickness and unemployment.  Fifteen Faces is entering the editing phase.  It's been a bumpy start with the PbP idea.  I have received interest in the idea but roadblocks keep coming my way.  I'll keep trying it.  If nothing else, a few more people who have some interesting in RP will have heard about my product.  I have been hanging out at  I still check out and occassionally the forge.  Storygames won't let me on...only forum about roleplaying I have heard of where the admin have to approve of you first before you can even do anything.  In addition, school is starting soon.  It's scary but it's something I have to try one more time.

5-12-07:  The first review came in for Divinity.  It came from a staff member at   I appreciated it even thought it was a mixed review.  It outlined out the strengths and weaknesses within the game.  I won't go into details at this point but it is accessible from the website listed above.

4-26-07:  I received the initial sketches for fifteen faces and I am pretty pleased with it.  I have commissioned four pieces for it since I couldn't find good concepts on the clipart circuit.  Three of the pieces are sci-fi in nature and one of them is more fantasy in nature.  It will be cool to have pictures showing the nature of the gods/goddesses being depicted in this book.  I have received enough funds from Divinity to cover the initial costs plus paying for the artwork for Fifteen Faces.   In addition, I went to another site at to try and arrange a PBP campaign there.  So far, it looks promising.

4-15-07:  Continuing to wrap things up in order to concentrate on products and commitments. is a thread I made for playing Divinity.  I thought it would be cool to start a PbP (play by post) campaign.  We'll see how many responses I get. 

4-7-07:  It's been a busy two weeks or so with wrapping up school, so little time for working here.  I just finished out the contract with the artist who will be working on fifteen faces.  I am also starting to work on additional material for Divinity. I have received feedback asking for clarification on what using powers might look to different Divinities.  I am now inspired enough to add a section depicting that in far more detail.  I plan on updating the PDF and allowing people who already bought it to redownload it.  In addition, I will update once this section is done.  It looks like it will be a fairly hefty addition but I am not going declare that is second edition or a revised edition.  To me, that is more of a marketing ploy and centered around print than PDF.


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