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repost of a thread

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I looked at 'em all and it seemed the best fit, but please move it if I got it wrong!

I wanted to introduce a new site, It's brand new (literally a day old) but I have high hopes for it in the long run. is a new way to commission freelance work in the RPG industry. Artists, writers, editors, web designers and more - all in one place!

Publishers add jobs and projects, and freelancers make offers to complete the work. The publisher then chooses one of the offers, forming a contract between the two.

Freelancers sign up and specify their areas of expertise, and receive automatic email notifications of new jobs within their area.

With a range of project tracking, communication, secure payment with optional escrow facilities, private messageboards for each project, and much more, is an ideal, secure place to arrange work for both the publisher and the freelancer.

Both publishers and freelancers can leave feedback after the job is completed, which others can review before choosing a job or a freelancer.

In addition, publishers can place ads for full-time job vacancies.

Sign-up is currently FREE! It won't stay that way, so get in there fast.

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