agesgaming (agesgaming) wrote,

talks underway

AGES Gaming has been doing some work for other publishers as well as collaborating on projects. There is a potential one I really excited about, something not talked about much in rpgs. Right now it is a waiting game to see if the other partner wants to go through with it or not. More details as they arise.

On the Pathfinder 3rd party front, too many people in the traditional areas of coverage. I think hitting areas where there is no coverage but large potential for gaming assistence/ideas is the way to least for this operation. It doesn't mean we will ignore things like feats, adventures, prestige classes, etc but if we can push the envelope slightly in a tasteful way, then we need to go for it.

Divinity is going to be re-released in the next few months, probably sooner than later. Writing and editing are done, art is selected layout is mostly done. It is a retouch rather than a new edition.

That's it for now.

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