agesgaming (agesgaming) wrote,

Halloween Bundle

I made a small bundle today dealing with Halloween type stuff for the Pathfinder RPG.

Save 32% until Nov 1.

Want more traditional haunts, new spells, and more! If so, Haunting Signals has just what you need.

Haunting Signals is a 14 page Pathfinder Compatible Game supplement designed to extend coverage of haunts from not haunting straight to intelligent haunt. There is an in-between stage and this product bridges the gap.

Haunts and More
MSRP: $1.60

Avoid Blind Man’s Alley! Don’t get caught in Gladiators' Coliseum!

Need more Haunts? Frustrated by limited examples? Haunts and More is a twelve page supplement provided eleven haunts for your PCs to encounter. It also introduces the idea of a stacked haunt. Why should one haunt have only one effect? Bonus Materials includes a pre-made undead hunting ranger with a new feat .

Made for the Pathfinder Role-playing Game. Get Haunts and More Today!

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