small update

Our collaborative romance supplement for general roleplaying is now edited. Moved onto Avalon Games to get the layout done. Continuing on business supplement now.

new review

Review text:

There’s a lot of fantastic material being presented in Divine Foes, although you may need to come up with your own plot points to incorporate it into other game systems or even Divinity character creation. The tactics are valuable pieces of information, the descriptions are well thought-out, and the overall use is fairly valuable.

While I like the content, the layout could benefit from a few changes here and there. The biggest one that stands out to me is that there are no illustrations. Even though the descriptions are fairly detailed for each foe, an illustration could really help paint a 3-dimensional picture. Also, the background of the pages is a bit dark and can sometimes make reading tricky. Although it’s not so dark as to prevent the content from being read. The last thing to note is how the foes are presented. While the content is very smooth and easy to read, it could benefit from each foe being presented with its own 2-page spread and allowing room for expanded information or an illustration. This could help to better define each section for quicker reference. Other than that, they publication is very professional and flows smoothly.

I really like the ideas presented in Divine Foes. It’s a great look at possible ways of creating your Divine characters or creating interesting encounters for them to overcome. The plot points are good adventure or even campaign starting points and the tactics help to create a more dynamic foe rather than a simple one. The source material would make a great addition to a GMs library and even adds value to a players character creation.

As much as I like how the material adds to Divinity, I really like the idea of how easy it would be to incorporate the source material into other game systems, adventures, or campaigns as another encounter or even a series of adventures. I would definitely recommend this to any player of Divinity, Space Opera, Space Travel, Social Sci-Fi, or Post-Apocalyptic.

4 out of 5 stars.

doing some catchup

Got a few projects for AGES Gaming. We are working on final editing and layout for our romance supplement. We have started on a business supplement as well, in addition to aiding in various freelance projects. In addition, IF for Avalon Games has been finished on the writing level for the initial book. Lots of stuff done, even if some of it is behind the scenes.

Another small milestone...just enjoyed my first check from It's nice when your hobbies pay you rather than the other way around. is one of the things I want to go for. Rather than go on and on about what an opportunity it is...better to just go to the website.

More on the romance

We have completed the gaming section of the supplement and now we are on the cultural stuff. It will be as an PDF available through Avalon Games when it is all said and done.

repost of a thread

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I looked at 'em all and it seemed the best fit, but please move it if I got it wrong!

I wanted to introduce a new site, It's brand new (literally a day old) but I have high hopes for it in the long run. is a new way to commission freelance work in the RPG industry. Artists, writers, editors, web designers and more - all in one place!

Publishers add jobs and projects, and freelancers make offers to complete the work. The publisher then chooses one of the offers, forming a contract between the two.

Freelancers sign up and specify their areas of expertise, and receive automatic email notifications of new jobs within their area.

With a range of project tracking, communication, secure payment with optional escrow facilities, private messageboards for each project, and much more, is an ideal, secure place to arrange work for both the publisher and the freelancer.

Both publishers and freelancers can leave feedback after the job is completed, which others can review before choosing a job or a freelancer.

In addition, publishers can place ads for full-time job vacancies.

Sign-up is currently FREE! It won't stay that way, so get in there fast.

talks underway

AGES Gaming has been doing some work for other publishers as well as collaborating on projects. There is a potential one I really excited about, something not talked about much in rpgs. Right now it is a waiting game to see if the other partner wants to go through with it or not. More details as they arise.

On the Pathfinder 3rd party front, too many people in the traditional areas of coverage. I think hitting areas where there is no coverage but large potential for gaming assistence/ideas is the way to least for this operation. It doesn't mean we will ignore things like feats, adventures, prestige classes, etc but if we can push the envelope slightly in a tasteful way, then we need to go for it.

Divinity is going to be re-released in the next few months, probably sooner than later. Writing and editing are done, art is selected layout is mostly done. It is a retouch rather than a new edition.

That's it for now.

Occassional reminders

I use this site to make announcements for my rpg endeavors. No big surprises or musings on the nature of life here. Right now, the concentration here is on collaboration with other rpg companies. I think we are a point where mergers and acquisitions will slowly pick up steam. Cooperation on various products have and will continue to take place.

Again, no surprises here.

Too long have I been away from here.

I didn't realize that I hadn't posted anything in over a week. No excuses but distracted with projects and relatives. Released Homebound adventure:

Save the fallen! Destroy Addertongue and his minions! Become the heroes of an entire humanoid race!

Homebound is designed to be a one night adventure for a group of 3-4 PCs using the rules of the Divinity RPG. Homebound is a 12 page PDF filled with adventuring options.

Find the way home! Claim your Divinity!

Halloween Bundle

I made a small bundle today dealing with Halloween type stuff for the Pathfinder RPG.

Save 32% until Nov 1.

Want more traditional haunts, new spells, and more! If so, Haunting Signals has just what you need.

Haunting Signals is a 14 page Pathfinder Compatible Game supplement designed to extend coverage of haunts from not haunting straight to intelligent haunt. There is an in-between stage and this product bridges the gap.

Haunts and More
MSRP: $1.60

Avoid Blind Man’s Alley! Don’t get caught in Gladiators' Coliseum!

Need more Haunts? Frustrated by limited examples? Haunts and More is a twelve page supplement provided eleven haunts for your PCs to encounter. It also introduces the idea of a stacked haunt. Why should one haunt have only one effect? Bonus Materials includes a pre-made undead hunting ranger with a new feat .

Made for the Pathfinder Role-playing Game. Get Haunts and More Today!